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Hickory Dickory Dock Ur Momma  was sampling my cock The clock  struck five Told the bitch u drive  To the nearest godamm bar Who be the next  NFL star ☆✰?

Tuesday Titilations

As the week takes shape C-Men jonesing that vape GoBaylor where u trollin’? At the local bowlin’ ALLEY!!๐ŸŽณ my child.... Sancho getting all riled His Pads again a shit pile Too early too tell? Not in SD, sports very own hell๐Ÿ”ฅ!

Goodbye Polly

Gonna switch themes this fine morning in Paso (that's what the sophisticated sorts call it): Anyway, on a very sad note, gifted British stage and cinema actress Helen McCrory has passed away from cancer. She was only 52 and perhaps best known for her role as "Aunt Polly" on the popular BBC drama "Peaky Blinders". I am a huge fan of both she and the show and am deeply saddened by her passing.  RIP Aunt Polly and fuck cancer forever๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–•
Nary a week and a half in What a run its already been Rest of you blogettes out the way Smacketry here to stay ๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ‘…!!


Tomorrow's Day Four Will it add to the lore? Can Matsy and others be able to hack it? Which of these bitches will wear the damn jacket!

Day 3 at... The Masters!

Day Three should make noise Weeds the men from the boys Who the hell will sack up? He who attacketh the cup! - Hoodlum circa April 10, 2021 12:29 pm


As a lifelong SD Padres fan, I am pleased to report on this blog that Joe Musgrove has pitched the franchise’s first no-hitter, 53 long years in the making.  Way to goe Joe!
Hickory Dickory Dock Rosey leading no great shock Tomorrow’s Day Two To survive but a few Augusta for sure ‘bout to rock๐ŸŽธ!
Spieth just imploded at #9 - Double Meanwhile, Rosey still en ๐Ÿ”ฅ!!
  A tradition unlike no other  The Masters around the corner Who's got the huevos this year? The Green Jacket oh so near! Hoodlum got Koepka sacking While the rest of field sent packing
Hoodlum, for sure, a fine laddy He's truly everyone's daddy A stallion not only in name How can he have such sick game?

Poem of the Day

The Final two set Zags win I bet Baylor going down As Waco goes frown
Roses are red, Violets are blue, Check out my blog, It's brand spanking new!